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Get to Know BioLab Cat
Inside and Out!

BioLab Cat
This exciting learning software gives students the ability to perform informative dissections and introduces the concepts of physiology alongside anatomy. Students expand their knowledge with interactive experimentation, eye-opening illustrations and enlightening discussions about how form relates to function.

Student Scientists Get Hands-On Practice With:

Construct a cat skeleton with bones from the Bone Yard.
Shoulder Muscles
Identify and label the major muscles in this lateral view of the anterior end of the cat.
Trunk Muscles
Label the major muscles in this lateral view of the posterior end of the cat.
Pectoral Muscles
Drag labels to the major muscles in this ventral view of the anterior end of the cat.
Pelvic Muscles
Identify and label the major muscles in this ventral view of the posterior portion of the cat.
Digestive System
Dissect the internal organs that contribute to digestion.
Cardiorespiratory System
Evaluate the internal organs that contribute to breathing and circulation.
Urogenital System
Identify organs involved in reproduction and excretion.


Teacher Developed
What is the most effective way to teach cat anatomy and physiology? BioLab Cat follows tried-and true educational practices as each student receives pre-Lab instruction, thorough lab simulation, and post-lab reinforcement. This comprehensive, classroom-tested software is built to provide effective instruction in a fun environment.

Learn by Doing
Why settle for just a textbook when true interactivity is just a mouse click away?
Curious students hone their inquiry skills as they investigate the skeletal system, musculature and various systems of the cat.
Better Than the Real Thing
How does a cat prevent large chunks of undigested food from leaving its stomach?
This easy-to-use software features full-color photography and video to make features and functions apparent. This graphic-rich, interactive software makes learning about complex systems fun.


In-depth Lab Experience
Which muscle groups are similar in the cat and human? Students identify the muscle in four different views of the cat. BioLab Cat provides opportunities for students to locate, identify, distinguish, compare and contrast different muscle groups.

  System Requirements:

PowerMac G4 (Intel Core™ Duo 1.33GHz or faster processor recommended), 256MB of total RAM, Mac OS X 10.4 (10.6 or greater recommended)
2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible processor, or Intel® Atom™ Microsoft® Windows® XP (32-bit) 128MB of RAM; 128MB of graphics memory

Download a Demo
 BioLab Cat - Windows (.zip .exe - 12.6 MB)
Mac BioLab Cat - Macintosh Native OSX (.dmg - 41 MB)

   Catalog #  Description Price  
  3990012 CD-ROM $89 Each
  3990012A CD-ROM, Lab Pack (5) $340 Each
  3990012B CD-ROM, Lab Pack (10) $560 Each
  3990012D CD-ROM, Unlimited Site Licesnse (LAN only) $1120 Each
To order call Carolina Biological Supply Company at 800-334-5551 or order online

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